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   I set out to create an homage to the Classic RPGs of the 90's.  Heavily inspired by the games that I still enjoy playing to this day. Final Fantasy, ChronoTrigger, Lufia, DragonQuest, Legend of Zelda, Suikoden, etc.

   I also wanted to provide a touch of realism to the tropes and experience of the classic games. Because of this, the story will take many twists and turns, and will blur the lines between "Good and Evil".


   The Chronomancer, Shae, travels through the River of Time. Recently she has discovered that a tragic event is coming, that will wipe out everything, from the planet, to Time itself. She seeks to aid Six Heroes in their Journey to stop the oncoming Great Evil.

   The Heroes begin their Journey in the Mountain Town of Pentam, and have come together to participate in the annual Kobold Hunt. The event attracts Visitors, Warriors, and Adventures from all over the planet. This particular Kobold Hunt will have a very unusual outcome.

   The Heroes will grow, develop, and change as the story progresses. Relationships will be formed, and blood will be spilled.


  • The game's content will be unique depending on the Main Heroes "Timestream" that you choose. 6 Distinct Paths which branch further as the story progresses.
  • Turn Based Combat
  • Multiple Playable Characters (8+ in the Demo)
  • On Map Encounters
  • Battle Row Combat Formation
  • Elemental Magic System
  • Area of Effect attacks
  • Row swapping
  • Party swapping
  • Weapon swapping
  • Multi Party Dungeons  (not in Demo)
  • Mini-Games
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, Fantasy, JRPG, Magic, Medieval, Pixel Art, Retro, RPG Maker, Turn-based
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


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The Last Chronomancer Chapter 1

Development log


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This game has captured since the day I followed you on Twitter and discovered it. I'm an Italian localizer looking to expand my portfolio and I was wondering if you were interested in an Italian localization. If you are, we can chat on Twitter @ cer_mir. Thanks!


I finished this game I can say this is one of the best RPG maker Game I ever played!


Thank you very much for giving my game a chance and for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it!🍻


Wow, beautiful game! Very well put together, smooth and fun gameplay, nice music, everything is so well done, great work!

Thank you very much Nicole! I appreciate the kind words!


I’m really digging what The Last Chronomancer hast to offer. It must be tons of fun. 

Please consider bringing The Last Chronomancer to Playstation. It’d be a day 1 purchase for me. 

Thank you very much for the kind words. When the final version is complete I will try to deploy it to as many platforms as possible!

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This was really good, I have nerve damage in both of my hands so some of the spell commands were quite the challenge for me.
I am glad to hear you have more of this story close to being released.

Thank you very much!
I was made aware that some people may struggle with the Timed Inputs so I made sure that all fights are winnable without ever requiring them. 
So I hope that using another hero/tactic will be an adequate "work around".
Thanks again for the kind words! and thank you for giving my game a chance! I truly appreciate it.


I played the entire chapter and I really like this. I'm quite interested in the story and can't wait to see the upcoming sequels. The gameplay feels very traditional rpg with the classes and combos. A job well done and I hope progress on chapter 2 is going well :D


Thank you very much for playing my game, and thank you for the kind words! Chapter 2 and 3 are currently in internal beta testing, and I'm already starting on Ch4!

DocDoesGaming recently played my game. You can check it out here:

JR Sommerfeldt plays my game, and does some decent voicework along the way.

Hey, gratz on the Demo!^^

How did you do the light and shine effects?

I did the lighting in multiple ways. From parallax lighting, to plugin effects, events, and doodads as well.

D757Gaming just did a huge playthrough of my Chapter 1 Demo for The Last Chronomancer. He routinely plays RPGMaker games, and has a great enthusiasm and appreciation for them. Please show him some support.


My good friend RPGenius played an early Alpha of the Chapter 1 Demo...



This game is so much fun! It's exactly what I've been looking for for a while. The story is interesting and I enjoy it a lot! Thank you for making this, I can't wait to see it completed!


Thank you very much. I'm happy to hear that the story hooked you. It's got plenty of twists and turns ahead, I promise. With that being said, I am coming very close to having a "Chaper 1" available for everyone soon.


My game made it into a "Best" highlight vid. Mine comes in at the 2:27 mark approximately.
Some great games in there as well. 


Nikorasu reviewed my Demo...


The demo is really well done and works without any flaws, as far as I can tell, after playing through it once, starting with the ranger Daery. Although it's called a demo, it is a complete experience and every part of the game already seems very polished. There is a good balance of action and dialogues, the battle system is intuitive but challenging at the same time. I definitely recommend to everyone to check this game out. I am looking forward to what is to come and the start of an epic adventure!


Thanks very much, Niftr!
I'm really glad you enjoyed the game and I hope the full version will be even more enjoyable.

I played through Ravens stroyline and i encountered a bug where the battle with the 3 mages would happen twice

Interesting. I had the same thing happen once, but I THOUGHT I fixed it. I'll go and investigate and see if I can narrow down what is happening. 
Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you very much for the feedback!


Ahh! Ok, I found it. Apparently when the other Mage's Port in I forgot to delete the code from their objects themselves. So if you "interact" with them "by clicking or pressing enter" there is a split second chance that you can re-initiate the battle.  I just removed the code and will try to re-upload when I have a moment. Thanks again for pointing this out!


Congrats on the demo release! Looking forward to trying it out. Secretly a fan of your work.


Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the Demo, and feel free to let me know if there is anything I can do to make it better


I've played this game a few times (Jett and Daery so far) and have enjoyed my playthroughs for sure. It kinda feels like FF crossed with a DnD campaign. I really like that you get to pick which character to focus on and then that character gets bonus stuff and story.  I think I pretty much like everything about it. By far one of the best RM games out there!


Thank you very much Rythane. 
Picking the character/class that you want to play was something that I really wanted to make a priority for this game.
I'm glad you are enjoying it!


Amazing game that I've said many time probably the best in the RPM community right now.  What Guld manages to get out of the standard rtp with edits and good mapping skills is quite stunning and puts 99% of commercial games to shame.  But where this game really shines is in the story and characters.  I don't think there's a single party member who feels less important than the others all with their own unique personalities and reasons for what they are doing.  Everything about the game is fantastic but the characters are what really set it apart.  Download it, you won't regret it.

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Thank you very much for the kind works, Padr!
I'm glad that you enjoy the Demo, and I hope one day the full game lives up to your expectation haha.


Haven't played yet, but gosh, so amazed at how well you've adapted the RTP materials that I'm temporarily breaking my "no downloads until you delete some things" vow to give it a try. The fine-tune shading and lighting is doing a fantastic job of minimizing the unnatural/stilted aspects of the base assets and making things look cohesive. Look forward to seeing how it comes across in-game!

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Thank you very much for the kind words. I did put a lot of effort into ensuring that the style stayed consistent with the RTP base. Which was obviously difficult when I  was adding custom assets (art/tiles/etc.) haha.

If you ever decide to break your vow, I hope my game proves to be "worth it" haha. Thanks again for taking the time to comment!

So, some more thoughts now that I've made it through the character introductions! (I stopped at the point you start to collect the other party members)

I haven't checked to confirm whether there's a different introductory sequence for each potential PC, but I think it would really improve the player experience to (if the paths are different) allow the player to see however many routes they like before making a final choice of PC (basically, add a dialogue tree at the end of the flashback that directs the player back to the room where the choice is made, and only let the player confirm they want to play a PC after having seen their route) or (if paths only change the PC name/minor details) make it clearer that the player will only see one PC's past per playthrough. I was really disappointed to find out I'd have to savescum to figure out!

I tried to reply to this earlier, but I guess it didn't go through.

I think having the game/story loop back would be a bit odd/out of place (even though the game itself IS about travelling through Time to prevent the End haha).

I do have a save point right at the Timestream selection as well, so the player can easily go back and replay whatever character they prefer. With that being said, I could communicate to the player better that the decision they make is permanent and they will always follow the path/timeline of that hero.